Services Given by Samurdhi Programme


Organizational Structure of Samurdhi Programme

1. Samurdhi Head Quaters section

2. Samurdhi  Maha Sangam Office

3. Samurdhi  Bank Societies


01.  Samurdhi Head Quaters section

  • Conduct general administration of samurdhi managers and Samurdi Development Officers
  • Provide  Samurdhi social security fund
  • Develop Infrastructure facilities
  • Conduct Samurdhi releif Programme and Sipdora Scholarship Programme

 02.  Samurdhi Maha Sangam Office

  • Coordinate the functions of Samurdhi bank Societies
  • Invest money in Samurdhi bank Sections
  • Provide Insurance and loans for members of Samurdhi bank Societies
  • Register all Samurdhi  Societies
  • Strengten the Community network
  • Build houses by using grants of Diriya Piyasa and Social Development Program
  • Conduct various Social development and spiritual programme.

03. Samurdhi  Bank Societies - Programme

  • Contace more Samurdhi recepients  for bank programmes via small group .
  • Provide loans for them .
  • Identify people for the programme which government is implemented.
  • Improve savings habbies of low income receipents and up life the social economical and cultural life

News & Events

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